05 / 2017


Together with the team of bleech I developed this project back in 2017. We used Wordpress in combination with an early version of Flynt to provide a flexible and component based CMS experience to our client.

It's a business website for the Berlin based audio hardware manufacturer ADAM AUDIO. It's designed to provide more product informations to ADAM AUDIO customers and includes different support features including a Dealer Search.

I worked on the general page layout and the development of a variety of different components used for the CMS for example the different component blocks used to built the single product pages or the navigation elements of the page.

In general we used a lot of modern CSS features (for 2017) including flexbox, animations and more. A lot of the components we built use Web Components for the Javascript logic. Our client and the ADAM AUDIO team were very satisfied with our endproduct.

The design for the project was provided by a media agency and development was done on behalf of bleech.

Project Date

Developed with the team of bleech